Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday???

Today is our 6 year anniversary :) Our awesome friends Fred & Lydia watched Aashini while Adam and I went out to eat and to a movie... we saw Kung Fu Panda (we only have so many English film options) - but it was a lot of fun :) We realized today that we've been in South Asia for half of our marriage!
Today is also the H'ndu g0d Krishna's birthday. (Random fact - he almost always has blue skin in his pictures). In most places, his birthday is celebrated in the evening and late at night. We got home from our movie and had only been home about 30 minutes when there was a "parade" going down our street! (My camera is still in the shop, so these pics aren't the best...)
TONS of people and float going down the street! It was crazy - and really loud! Besides being popular with H'ndus, people that follow ISKCON / Hare Krishna really love this holiday. ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) is not that popular here - but is very popular in the west. You've probably seen them at football games or city-wide events, dressed up with drums and chanting "Hare Krishna" or giving out "free" food at universities.
Check out this chalk drawing on our street! They did that in about 15 minutes!
You can see a lot of the followers of ISKCON / Hare Krishna in this picture. Some of them are easy to spot, they have that little clump of hair on the back of their heads.
Our across the street neighbors I guess are the ones that had them come to our street because they did a lot of stuff at their house - everyone came into their gate, they brought the g0d into their gate, and gave everyone standing around their gate food. It was pretty entertaining for a while :)

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The Agarwals said...

Happy Anniversary! I think about your fun special day all the time! We have a pic of all 4 of us at your wedding in our kitchen. I hope it was super awesome- just like you two! We love you lots and can't wait to see what He has in store for you both over the next 6 years !!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

THanks Annie!
You guys ROCK! :)

Erin G said...


know what I was thinking as I looked at these pics? how you must up high, and how I half admire you for carrying your child up all those stairs (I assume there's no lift?) every day, and the other half is jealous because I would probably kill for your leg muscles.

I'm so distracted by this that I barely noticed the chalk colors. what does that say about me?

anyway congrats. :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! That's funny :) yeah... lots of stairs - no lift - not so fun when pregnant :) haha! I always had to stop and rest halfway :)

Bronie said...

happy anniversary!! you guys are amazing, and we love you. hope you enjoyed the 'panda'...hey, a date's a date when you've got kids. :)

Misty Burns said...

Happy Anniversary!!! 6 years is awesome!!! good for you!

ed said...

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