Saturday, June 17, 2006

funny things...

There are a lot of fun things that we get to see while riding on a rickshaw through town :)

We only have bicycle rickshaws in our city, and it's amazing how many people they can pile onto one rickshaw :) These kids were having fun hanging on the back :)

This picture makes me laugh :) The wife is driving the scooter, and the guy is riding behind her with his Boxer dog!! Hahahaha I don't know why, but I thought it was just hilarious!! OK, so this guy... We were riding on our rickshaw and another rickshaw passed us... the guys on it were holding their medical records from the hospital... (because here, you are in charge of keeping up with your own medical records)... One of the guys was holding his x-ray... it was just floating in the breeze... it just made us laugh, but if you look at a closely and see all the stuff in this poor guys leg, you can see it's no laughing matter :) Here's a close-up .... ouch!!

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