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Local Airplane Experience

When we took our trip down south a couple of weeks ago, we got to have the local airline experience. Now, not all of the domestic airlines here are as interesting as the one I am about to talk about, but this one sure was!

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare... Our plane was about 45 minutes late. When it finally arrived and they called the flight, everyone got up soooo fast and started pushing and shoving and forming a HUGE line. Adam & I didn't want to deal with the line, so we waited until it was thinned down and got into it. We got bussed to our airplaine and begain the climb up the stairs to get into our plane. We realized, as we're going up the stairs, that we couldn't find the seat number on our tickets. We ask the flight attendant (or Air Hostess as they are called here) what seats we are in and she says:

"It's free seating, sit wherever you want"

It was then that we realized why everyone was pushing and shoving so much (and why the flight was 45 minutes late :)) It was crazy!! For example - there were many people that had a child and paid for only one ticket (and were going to hold their child) but were currently occupying 2 seats... It was a mess!! :) Adam & I were some of the last people on the plane, and believe it or not, we got to sit next to each other :)

At one point during the flight, the air hostess come up to us with a drink cart. She asked me what I wanted, I said "coke", then she asked what Adam wanted, He said "coffee"... then she said "anything else" - we said "no" then she continued and said "are you sure you don't want anything else?" we said no, but she kept saying: "are sure? Is there something else?" - I was thinking... Man, this is some great service!!! Then she goes on to say... "that will be 40 Rs." hahaha - no wonder!

The way back was much more entertaining... The plane was 2 hours late - but we were prepared this time... we had decks of cards and books to read :) We set by the door, so that when they said our flight, we could get to the front of the line :) We took the bus to our plane and found a seat. The plane that we were in was one of those that has 3 seats on one side and 3 on the other. We sat with another guy that was sitting by the window. This guy burped the entire 3 hours home!!! Seriously, he was sleeping and burping thw whole way!! Not just small burps, but the kind that rattle your eardrums. Anyway, right before the plane takes off, burp-man decides he needs to go to the bathroom... I think it was an emergency because he practly crawled over us to get out....

Now, the plane has been in the air for a little bit, the non-free drink cart had already been by, and everyone was starting to sleep... It was about 1:00 AM... then the funniest thing happened... well, I guess it wasn't that funny, but I enjoyed it :) This little girl was very hyper (probably from having a Coke or somthing)... and thought it would be fun to run up and down the aisle of the plane... (that's her picture on the left)... This is definiately not something that would happen for long on an American airplane, but here.... she kept running up and down the aisle. It was a cute jumping kinda run... so she kept bumping all the people on her way. Now, she wasn't just running up and down the aisle quietly, she had on those shoes with the squeekers... and they were probably new because both squeekers worked :) So she was squeeking and running up and down the aisle :) I started counting how many times she ran by... I lost count at 40-something.... It was funny!

At one point, a lady in the front had had enough and put her arm out to stop her.... the little girl then ran to her mom and back to the lady and told her: "my mom said I could" and continued running... It was funny :)


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