Sunday, June 25, 2006

Swim at Your Own Risk!!!

How many kids can you fit into one kiddie pool??
Hahaha.... the kids that we live with decided to have a pool party today.... they actually decided a few days ago... these parties take much preparation.... you see, our kids downstairs and the neighbor kids had to practice for the party... It's not just about swiming in a kiddie pool... There's dancing and skits and comedy to go along with it :)

The picture on the left is of the kids practicing for the big event... you can't tell, but it's raining - Now THAT is dedication :)

After all that practice, it was time for the show/pool party! We had group dances, solo dances, skits, "comedy acts" and much more entertainment... It was great!!

At one point during the party, all of the kids had dissappeared and the "chief guests" (that's what a couple parents & we were) were left sitting wondering what was going on... Then we hear sounds from the upstairs balcony part... the kids had gotten bored with performing and just started eating!!!

That was pretty funny :) And last, but not least, was the pool party... now in America, you would have to wait a while for all the kids to put on their swimsuits (or swimming costumes as they call it here)... but the kids just jumped in in their clothes!!! It was so funny! They were going crazy in the water and were having a blast! It was definitely a fun party!

2 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!:

Kelley said...

That pool picture is tooo funny!!

Meagan said...

Hey! A group from my church in Missoula is going to Bankok T-land this week. Look for a Korean pastor and some otherwise pale Montanans!