Wednesday, June 08, 2011

America - Tennessee - Gatlinburg

After a ton of driving we made it to the Smokies for a couple of days in Gatlinburg before going to visit our Tennessee family.
Here's Adam stretching after a long car ride :)
While staying in Gatlinburg we went on a hike in Sugarlands in the Smokies. It was a short hike but the perfect length for the kids. There were signs about the different plants and trees at the begining of the hike and Aashini loved it - she "read" every sign!
We could even bring the stroller on most of the trail - awesome :) (Diya is quite heavy!)
Aashini's favorite part was playing in the creek. She fell in once and got wet and really had fun :) She even found a quarter in the creek (maybe from the last person that fell in - haha!).
...just a little wet :)
This makes me laugh :)
We walked around the strip in Gatlinburg (love that place :) haha!). Aashini got to push the big huge rock in front of Ripley's Believe it or Not :)
We went into one of the arcades and found a few games that had credits, so we got to play a few games for free. We won enough tickets to get Aashini some teeth :) haha!
Here's Aashini enjoying a local band playing on the strip :) It was a fun trip!
More to come on ths trip and I'll post more pics on Facebook :)

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Carie said...

That looks like so much fun! I love Gatlenburg!

Laura said...

Yay for Tennessee! My parents live pretty close to there. I love hiking in the mountains!

Emily said...

The picture of Diya made me laugh too. :) And that last picture looks like it's out of a romantic comedy - a random band playing on the side of the road, the heroine dancing on the sidewalks. :)

Kelley C said...

You were so close to us...yet so far away.
Looks like fun!