Saturday, May 01, 2010

Water Palace :)

When my parents were here we explored some fun things we hadn't seen before. On this outing we found the Water Palace. It's nestled in a tight neighborhood in the South - not far from our house! We parked out car near someone's house and walked around this lake (below). The picture below is of the lake with a small building on it, but not the palace...
Here's the palace! It was pretty small and was surrounded by a moat.
It's in the dead center of the city. This is the view (below) from the roof. You can see the neighborhood hustle and bustle going on like normal around this old palace - so cool!
This isn't a great picture, but you can see the palace from another angle.
To my back (in the picture above) is this (below). We think it's a part of the old wall. We didn't explore it too much. Some people had taken it over as their home.
It's crazy how all these ruins are mixed in within this city. Look in the picture below where the tree is. There is a tomb there in between those two buildings. We went over to look at it, but you couldn't see much. Some people had made the old tomb their home. They built up a wall around it and moved in!
I love all these hidden treasures in our city - so cool!!

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Emily said...

Agreed - one of the coolest things about the Capital is all the history you see daily!