Monday, June 04, 2012

Water Park Fun!

Last week we went with our friends to a local water park to have fun together and to beat the heat :)  It was a lot of fun :)
This park was really fun.  I knew of a couple in this area, but didn't know about this one.  There were a lot of slides and it was fun! :)
I took Aashini down one of the slides and she was really mad at me because I let her face get in the water :)  
Adam and Vijay going down a slide together :)
Diya and Vijay :)  This picture cracks me up :)
This one too :) haha!
This is the "kiddie" area of the park... it had 3 slides and was really fun :)
We stopped halfway through and had some lunch :)
We had a great view of the "Rain Dance" from our lunch table :)
Eating Lunch :)
They had extra entertainment there :)  There was a mime that was running around the park :)  Diya thought he was hilarious! :)
Something different than America... In America what we call "Swimsuits", they call "Swimming Costumes" here (the British and the Australians do too!)... Also, since most people don't own Swimming Costumes, so you can rent them here!  How cool!  Here is where you get your costume :)
Me and the girls in the pool :)  Diya was a little daredevil... she just walked all around in the water that was up to her chin!  She wasn't afraid at all.  Aashini liked to hang out by the stairs :)
Vijay and Prince :)
The clown that was running around taking pictures with people :)  Diya loved him too :)  He wasn't much taller than her and she LOVED that! :)
After we had done all the swimming we wanted to do, we got dressed and got some snacks :)
Then we went on the "Carnival" rides :)  (you couldn't wear your swimsuit and go on these)...
Here we are riding on a big fish that went on a track going around the park :)
With my "dizziness issues" I chose to avoid this ride... you can see by their faces that it was good choice :) haha! :)  
It was a super fun day hanging out with friends :)

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Brandy said...

That's so awesome! Thanks for the info you passed along to me. Gray says he thinks he knows where one is...between us and some other friends. Might try it out!!!

Emily said...

This looks so fun and you look so happy and cute! :) I'm curious if you put some kind of water proof covering over your camera?