Monday, October 31, 2005

Running in a Saree :)

The kids that live downstairs from us kept telling us about a performance they were going to have at school that was coming up…well, it was yesterday, and it started early in the morning, so we had to get up early and all cram in their car. Anyway, we get there and it was a whole school athletic meet. It was awesome!! They had all sorts of athletic events. Shakshi was in the dancing group. They did a dance – it was cool. Raj was in the PT group (kinda like PE) – they did stretching exercises together to the beat of a drum and the sound of the harmonium (a mini organ that is a lot like the accordion – you have to pump it – it’s crazy) :)

They had competitions after that. They had all sorts of races… it was funny. They would call people (usually grandparents – because they are very respected) out of the audience to hand out the awards for a group. For example – they had the 100 meter race and they called Mr. Singh, grandfather of Shapangi Singh to come forward and give out the honors for that race. Well, halfway through it, they say, Mr. Adam, who is sitting in the audience as a guest, please come forward to give out the honors for that race… it was funny :)

The best (and funniest) thing that happened was that they involved the parents!!! They had a father’s race – that was funny :) The best was the mother’s race… I though there wouldn’t be anyone in that race… the father’s race was only about 8 men…. So I thought the women would not race because they had all gotten dressed up for this event – they were almost all wearing sarees… I was wrong – they had so many women, they had to have two races :) They were pushing a shoving as they started off around the track and tried to get to the inside lane… It was great to see – they were booking it around this dirt track all dressed up in Sarees – It was awesome :)

Oh yeah, after that they had musical chairs for the grandparents – it was very competitive!!!!!

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