Friday, January 06, 2006


hey! We just got back from Thailand :) We have to leave the country we're in every 6 months - so we get to go to Thailand! It was great! It was definitely a much needed break. We saw many interesting things. This first picture is at McDonalds - even Ronald is culturally appropriate here :)

Everything here is written in Thai - it is a cool-looking language! It looked really cool on the Coke cans and Sprite cans and Pepsi cans. . .

There are 7-Elevens all over Thailand! They are everwhere! It was awesome!

We got to see some really cool things and sights while we were there. One day we rented scooters and rode all around Chiang Mai. It was fun! (It was expecially fun to be able to drive on the left side of the road) :)

We also got to hang out with some fun friends while we were there. It was great!

The Tha Phae Gate was really neat. There was a moat and this gate that went around the enitre old part of the city. It was really cool. We got to climb up on top of it and see a lot of things. Here's a pic of Adam on top of the gate :)

And especially for the Louisiana folks ... We saw this THAIbasco sauce at a restrauant - it made us laugh :) It was awesome!! Whoo HOo!

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