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SpiDerS!!! Argh!!!

OK, so now that it's gotten warmer (and when I say warmer - I mean HOT - in the 100's...) the animals are coming out of hiding or hibernation or wherever they were... and into our house!! First was the ants... they are everywhere!! We even have them crawling on us while we sleep! Yikes!! They don't bite though, so they aren't really a problem...

The problem is the SPIDERS!!! For some reason, they just LOVE our house!! Everyday I have to go around with my special hand-broom thing and kill spider's nests in our house ... Yesterday I got 21 spider's nests and today I got 19! WHoa!! Those are the small spiders... but our bathroom seems to attract these HUGE spiders! My first experience with the big spiders was right before Thanksgiving.... We had come back from a trip and well, after using the restroom... realized that there was a spider under the seat... luckily it was squashed.... but it made me think of that urban legand with the spider under the toilet seat.... anyway, check out the pic below....

So, now that it's gotten hot again... I've been seeing these big spiders in my house again!! Ahhh Nice! Anyway - Just thought I'd share my spider fun :)

On a lighter note :) . . . one of the dogs that lives on our street recently had 6 puppies, and they sleep in the garden across the street... they love to sleep in the pots b/c it's much cooler :) - they're cute... thought I'd share this pic :)


cathi clark said…
AandA, wonderfully funny posting, i hope not to imagine spiders when i sit on the throne, which is often, good luck to you both, keep taking pics of all the history that surrounds you, those columns are beautiful, i really got a kick out of the bananas held over your mouth, all your pics are very colorful and interesting, keep it up, good health to you both and to the ants too!!love, aunt cathi
south asia said…
WHOA! 20 a day?! That's nuts! I've killed one (I say I because I'm in charge of the spiders, James has the roaches :) so far, and it was big and juicy. I hope you don't get those, but the toilet pic looks like you do. haha What a weird life we lead.

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