Sunday, May 21, 2006


The last couple of days we went to another city about 4 hours from where we are right now. This city is famous for silk (very expensive!), Sandalwood and all kinds of wood stuff.... The city also has may palaces... We went to this crazy fruit and vegetable market! It was awesome! It was mine and Adam's fave spot. They were selling a lot of Jasmine flowers - it smelled sooooo good!!
And here's another pic of the flowers... they were really cool! All the women around here wear them in their hair and it rocks!!!We went to a palace here... it was HUGE and had wood in it that was shipped from England a long time ago. This is in the back part of one of the palaces... there was a camel! I love those things, their lips crack me up!! These ladies were at the fruit market, I thought they were cool...

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