Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We're Back!!

We're back!! WHoo hoo! It's nice to be back, but it's also about 20-30 degrees hotter... so it's both good ad bad :) Some friends in the capital were moving out, so we bought some of their stuff from them... we really loaded up the car we rented. It was a funny trip back (although it wasn't that funny at the time)... The car was so packed out, that Adam and I had to both sit in the front seat with the driver. It was hot (about 113 degrees) and the AC in the car wasn't working (although the driver really wanted to have it on and it almost made it worse b/c it was blowing out HOT air)... We were all sweaty and gross and sitting really close to each other.... Before we got out of the capital we ran out of gas and had to coast into the gas station (going the wrong way on a one-way street) THEN the driver decides to go back a strange way and we got stuck in a lot of traffic. Then we had to pull over and talk to the cops and pay some sort of road tax in the middle of nowhere... Then, later in the middle of nowhere (again)... our taxi driver found another taxi driver he knew and we had to pull over and they talked for a while.... Eventually we got home... whoo hoo!!

Anyway, here's a couple of slide shows from our trip down south!! Here's some pics from the city we spent most of our time in... B-lore:

Here's some pics from our excursion to M-sore:

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Fun!

Today we had some more meetings and did some fun stuff all around town :) Adam and I did get a chance to go to our favorite tea shop here... it's called InfiniTea ;)

I got this really funny tea! It had a flower of tea in the cup, and you pour hot water over it... it was cool! (Although it looked like I was drinking a sea urchin :)
This is Adam and our friend Tony, having fun in the "dollar store" (everything there costs about $2.50 :) Those masks are great :)

Tell me this isn't the coolest wheelchair you've every seen!!! It's made out of a plastic lawn chair thing :) Cool hunh??

Sunday, May 21, 2006


The last couple of days we went to another city about 4 hours from where we are right now. This city is famous for silk (very expensive!), Sandalwood and all kinds of wood stuff.... The city also has may palaces... We went to this crazy fruit and vegetable market! It was awesome! It was mine and Adam's fave spot. They were selling a lot of Jasmine flowers - it smelled sooooo good!!
And here's another pic of the flowers... they were really cool! All the women around here wear them in their hair and it rocks!!!We went to a palace here... it was HUGE and had wood in it that was shipped from England a long time ago. This is in the back part of one of the palaces... there was a camel! I love those things, their lips crack me up!! These ladies were at the fruit market, I thought they were cool...

Monday, May 15, 2006


hey! Here's some pics from yesterday :)
We were looking for a UPG here and stumbled onto a crazy Sunday Market! There were TONS of people there! It was awesome! There were cars, rickshaws and people everywhere!

We went on the back side of this market and found this crazy fruit area where they stored all the fruit that they were on the streets selling. It was so crazy! There was rotten fruit all over the street and the cows were having a hay-day :) We have never seen so many bananas in our lives! There were bananas EVERYWHERE!!

And of course, there were some cute kids!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Trip down South!

hey!! Right now we're in the south - it is like being in a totally different country! We're doing some research and really having a good time. This area really reminds me of Samoa in some ways.

Adam was excited because there are palm trees with coconuts here :)

This is a pic from a big shopping area we were at yesterday

And, as always, there are some cute kids ready to have their pictures made :) More to come...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stuff :)

hey! Thought I'd send some pics of some fun and funny stuff we've seen and done in the last week :)

The fair is in town! We went to the fair the other day :) They had TONS of little shops set up around it with toys for kids :) It was cool.

You can see masks like this on most people's houses. These are put on the house, to ward off evil, protect the house, etc. This particular mask is located at the house across the street from us. We thought it was funny because this mask (used for protection), has it's own protection (the plastic bag around it)... OK, I thought it was funny :)

OK, so this is absolutely hilarious!!! I love the organizational structure of this poster for kids. This specific poster is of different kinds of birds. This section of it made me laugh :) FLAMINGO AND BIRDS OF PREY! Who would have put those together! Hahaha :) That Rocks!!

OK, so ignore how strange I look in this picture :) (It was a LONG day) I was trying to make a dip (you know, like chips and dip)... and it called for cream cheese... well, even though we live in a land FULL of cows, we don't have cream cheese. So..... we have to make it ourselves.... now, before coming here I would not have been able to tell you how to make cream cheese... but Oh, the things you learn how to do living overseas :) OK, so I have to get yogurt and put it in some loosely woven cloth - in this case, my dupatta (the thing I wear around my neck out in public). Anyway, you put the yogurt in the cloth and let the water/liquid stuff drip out for most of the day (about 5-6 hours). Then.... you have cream cheese (although if you eat it plain, it's not that great... but it's good for recipes)... well, the recipe wasn't a success because I used fresh pineapple instead of the canned kind and boy was it disgusting!! OH well :)

This is a picture of man that we see everyday on our way to our language lesson. I thought it was a fun pic :) Enjoy!

Adam and I get a chance to go down south for a week for a conference thing :) So the next post will have pics from another part of our country! Rockon!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Caught in the Act...

This picture always makes me smile :) I mean, he really has his finger up there :) I also like his hair-cut :) Awesome!! If you're having a bad day, just look at this picture and you're definitely going to smile :) Hahaha - enjoy :)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Results are in!!!!!!

OK, here's how you voted. . .

Perscription Sunglasses 1 vote
Specs with a tan and script 3 votes
Goggles with Power 5 votes
Black glass circles 3 votes
mirrors with degrees 7 votes

OK, so we went into the glasses store to see if they could make perscription sunglasses and the guy said "no"... so we continued on trying different "Hinglish" words we had heard before trying to describe glasses.... OK, so here is the answer. . . .


hahaha! It totally made me laugh!! More funny polls to come :)