Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long but Fun Day :)

Yesterday we took our parents to our old stompin' grounds of M-town :) They wanted to meet all our friends over there. First stop was K-block :) That's the area Adam and I hung out at every day for language. We had to make sure Aashini was bundled up super warm so that we wouldn't get lectured too much :) haha! She definitely looks like a South Asian baby in these first two pics! The sweaters she's wearing are from one of the ladies that live here (she had her son bring them to us about a month before so that Aashini would be warm :))Aashini handled the day like a champ - she was handled a ton and was SUPER exaused by the end of the day!
We had fun visiting with the Kumars. We really miss them :) - haha! I changed Aashini when we got to their house - which was a good thing because the poor girl was sweating like crazy! Mona did give me some funny baby advice though - you shouldn't let the baby wear a hat & socks at the same time - hmm... ok :)
My parents really enjoyed meeting the Kumars :)
This picture (below) cracks me up! We are making funny pics for the picture... and Aashini decided to make a funny face too - and spit up a little - it looks really funny to me ;)
At the end of the day we got to visit our favorite people in M-town :) SSs&s :) We had a good time playing, hanging out and eating :)
Overall it was a tiring but great day! Yea! for M-town!

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E-Rob said...

Look at your mom, rockin' that salwar kameez! Y'all are troopers, but I know this must've been such an experience for your parents! I bet the Kumars loved seeing them! And of course Aashini. :)

Laura said...

Yes! I love Aashini's sweater, now she's a true Indian baby!

Heather Henderson said...

It's always awesome to hang out with friends you have not seen in a while. How long are your parents visiting?

Deanna said...

I LOVE the clothes you get to wear! And your parents must be great fun!