Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flat Stanley & The Old City

Some of our good friends in the states have a son named Drew. Drew sent us his Flat Stanley (or "Flat Drew") for his school project. So we took him along with us this week to the Old part of our city.Here is Flat Drew at a toy store (this store is actually in another market area). Toy stores are different here than in the states... usually a lot smaller and more cramped - but FULL of toys!!!!
Aashini had fun looking at everything while we were out. The old part of the city is really cramped and FULL of people, carts, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, etc.
I thought this pic (below) was fun :)
Aashini was very popular in the market. People seem to get excited when they see a white baby. They always want to take her picture :)
This street (in the picture below) is a very famous street. It's cool because it's a small side street in the middle of the craziness of the old city and it's 9 really cute houses next to each other that are all owned by people of the same family. They have really fancy doors.
Lastly we went down one of my favorite streets called Parantha Gali (Gully) and went to one of the great restrauants to get Paranthas! YUM!! Paranthas (on the left of the picture) are flat (usually wheat) bread that is stuffed with fun things like potatoes, cauliflower, onions, etc.
Here's a pic of Drew (the non-flat version) :) We'll be sending him a bunch of pictures soon!

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E-Rob said...

That link was cool! I didn't know that about Flat Stanley. :)

I love the picture of the guy taking Aashini's 'snap' with his fancy mobile.

Bronie said...

how fun! i bet drew ends up with the best pics! : )

Sara Beth said...

my in laws just brought my neice's flat stanley with them when they came here. Stanley had quite the adventure around Chiang Mai too!

The Agarwals said...

That is sooo cool! My mom works at the library, now I have to ask her if she's read a Flat Stanley book and of course, see if she's thought about making some with her children's group!!! Oh and those Paranthas look so good! Rahul says I've had them (I did?), but after your description, I think I need some more! Yummo!!!