Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun Friends :)

Since we've been in America, we've gotten to see a lot of fun friends! Before we left for Virginia, we got to see Reba & Joe (above) and just yesterday we got to see our friend Aaron and her cute kids. Both Reba & Aaron were my bridesmaids and Aaron's husband Jason (who is at flight school right now) was Adam's bestman... It was a lot of fun catching up with them!!!Aashini had fun playing with Hannah :)
And a couple of pictures left over from our Virginia trip... There were some fun inflatable games they had for us at the end of the week :) Here is a pic of me getting beat up by an elementary school girl :)
Adam got really beat up :) haha!

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Bethany Faith said...

haha that looks so cool! I remember when we were at Virginia and they had those awesome play inflatables :) and by the way, I love reading your comments! on my blog and on auntie Kara's! haha :D

gloria said...

Hey, those jumpy hitty things looked like alot of fun!!!!!!What a great idea!!!!I love that little car that Aashini and her friend are riding in, I want to get a new one, the one we had here went thru so many kids, I finally had to throw it away. Its time for a new one!!! thanks for the posts!

ed said...