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What Happened??

The other night, Adam went out to play basketball and got an elbow to the eye which resulted in a black eye .... or a purple eyelid :) He kinda looks like he's wearing make-up :) Usually, in America when someone has a black eye, people ask what happened - but NOBODY has asked what has happened! People here (unless they're kids) don't do a lot of playing, so the only reason most adult men would have a black eye is from a fight... So, maybe they aren't asking because they think Adam got in a fight... or maybe they think I did that to him - haha!! I'm not sure why :)
Anyway, here's his eye :)


Della said…
Nice eye Adam! You need to lear how to duck better.
Arnold and Joy said…
Congratulations on your pregnancy!
Misty Burns said…
he looks kind of proud to have that purple eye...funny! :)
Bronie said…
haha, if he's making that face, THAT's why they're not asking. haha "you wanna piece of me?" :)
Carrie said…
That's crazy that noone has asked. Here he would have to have a tshirt made explaining what happened b/c you know everyone who saw him would ask!
gloria said…
OMgosh, are your teeth ok?????
YOu knew I would ask that didn't you? YOu must wear eye and teeth protection!!!!!!
The other thing I thought of was " This is Goldberg------AHHHHHH,Im going to rip you apart, Ahhhhhhh,
Love mom
Leslie said…
Nice face, Adam! Bryan thinks it looks cool--makes you look tough.

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