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So I've had some questions about McDonald's here in South Asia and what it's like :) McDonald's is really cool in the ways they adapt to the countries or cultures that they're in. In Hawaii they sell SPAM, rice & eggs as a part of their breakfast menu. In Thailand they have a Samurai Pork Burger. In South Asia we have our own special menu items too... ACTUALLY the entire menu is pretty much different than in the US. Why?? They don't serve beef here in our country at McDonald's. Here's a look at our menu...There are actually more vegetarian menu items than there are meat items. The green circles to the left of the item means it's a Veg (or vegetarian) item. The red circles mean it's "non-veg" or meat. Vegetarianism is very important to many people here in this country, so they take it very seriously at McDonald's (as well as many other restrauants that sell both veg & non-veg items). Vegetarian and meat dishes are prepared in separate areas of the restaurant in respect for vegetarians, and cooks preparing vegetarian dishes wear distinctive green aprons. Here's a close-up of the list of some of the menu items. In case you're wondering what's in some of those menu items...
- The McVeggie sandwich starts with the oh-so-familiar sesame seed bun. In between the bread, you'll find a vegetarian patty that is made from peas, carrots, green beans, red bell pepper, potatoes, onions, rice, and seasoning. This vegetarian burger is garnished with lettuce, and has mayonnaise made without eggs spread thickly on the bread.
The Aloo Tikki is a Potato Patty with peas and spices.
One of my favorites is the Veg Surprise... I have no idea what's in it :) haha!
Here are a few other menu items that aren't on the other menu:

Anyway, just thought I'd pass this on. It's fun to see things that are the same but different from the US :) Aashini loves McDonald's!


allhisblessings said…
So fascinating! Good to see Aashini eating some good ole fashioned McNuggets! (We're not sure what's in them, either.)
five_solas said…
We have a McArabia here! We love it! It's a flatbread sandwich with hamburger patties and Arabic sauce in it. No breakfast here, though. No pork!
Congrats on the new one! You look great!
Erin G said…
that mcaloo tikki sounds kind of good actually!
Roberts said…
Mmmm now you're just taunting me. I miss the Veg Surprise so much!
Ok, since "curry" isn't really a South Asian term, I wonder if the McCurry Pan is a hit over there or not?
I agree, McD's are good at intl marketing!
Jeremy's fam said…
Earlier this week week we went to a canadian McDonald's for breakfast and I tried to order Jeremy a PLAIN biscuit and the lady had no idea what I was talking about.
jahcriado said…
MCCURRY PAN!!! Man I miss those. I wish McD's would do country exposes here, serve what they serve other places. Might curb some of the criticism.
Anonymous said…
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