Monday, August 30, 2010


Here's our "trash truck". This is how our trash is picked up. Our trashman comes to our house 6 days a week and takes our trash from our house and puts it in a big bag. He then takes the trash out of the bag and sorts it in this cart. Plastics in one area, food scraps in another, glass in another, etc... Anything that can be recycled is recycled. Food scraps are usually given to animals or to their keepers.
He takes the trash to a trash house. There is usually one in every neighborhood. That trash is later sent to the dumps. At the dump there are many families that live there. They dig and go through the trash that is sent to the dump. They find anything else they can recycle or sell or use.... and THAT is how a small country of over a billion people deals with the "trash problem."

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Emily said...

Wow...I never knew he sorted it himself. I feel reaaaaally guilty now that he had to do that with ours. I would've done...something...not sure what, but something to make it easier!

Carie said...

That is pretty amazing! Great post!!