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Funny Things - Coke Machines :)

I was at the airport not too long ago and saw a Coke Machine (I know it's a Pepsi Machine, but me, every soft drink is a "Coke" - not "pop" or "soda" :)). This is actually one of the first Coke Machines I've seen here. Anyway, I wanted a water, so I went up to the machine expecting to put money in it, but the guy next to the machine took my money and got out his key. He opened the coke machine, pulled out my drink and then put the money inside the machine... It made me laugh :)


Carie said…
That is the funniest thing I have ever heard!! But so typical right?!?! oh man that beats it all!
this is "so India"! I love it! haha
Emily said…
The service in India beats all others. A good solution to when you have a billion people and they need jobs! :)
Really? There's no coke machines? (it's a southern thing for sure to call every soda "coke" then to ask what kind of "coke" do you want?) Too funny!
Bri said…
Laura said…
hahaha, somehow that doesn't surprise me at all. oh india.

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