Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Gulf - Mall Fun :)

The Gulf is a fun place!! The malls are so fun :) We definitely spent some time in the mall :) Aashini loves the arcades and things like that in the mall.
There were definitely some funny rides at the malls. There are the crazy ones that spin you all around!
... or the rides that throw you up down and all around!
... and even bumper cars!! All in the mall - how fun :)
The food courts had lots of choices but of course my daughter chose McDonald's most of the time :)
We went to the movies (at the mall of course) a few times while we were there :) I thought the popcorn buckets were fun :)
Starbucks is in the Gulf too!
The malls were quite fun :)
That's it for my "inside" pictures :) The next post will have some fun "outside" pictures :) haha!

6 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!:

Katie said...

This makes me SO excited to be around the same area over Spring Break!! :)

Bri said...

love it!! Soo different and yet the same!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Same Same. But Different.
Not sure when we'll make it out there, but the gulf is definitely on our top 5 list of places to visit. Can't wait for the outside pictures!

deannadavis said...

As always, great photos!

Carrie said...

Very interesting! I am interested in knowing about the different "head dressings" seen in the pictures!

Jeni said...

What great pictures!!! I've loved your posts about the gulf! :)