Monday, March 27, 2006

It's going to be crazy!!

Tomorrow there is going to be a BIG party at our house!! It's going to be crazy!!! Everything has started today thought. Adam and I were gone for the weekend to meet with someone in the city. When we got home and drove up to the house, there were people EVERYWHERE!! There were people cooking lots of food, people cleaning, people preparing food, people delivering things and tons of family members!! At dinner time, everyone went inside and set in every bit of floor space and people came around with the food. There was some awesome new potato thing I had never had before, some dahl and of course, roti (the bread they eat with every meal. They sort of use it as a spoon. They never believe us when we say that we don't eat it with every meal in America. They always ask us what we do use to eat our food and we say a spoon and they think that's hilarious!! :)
They have had family members come from everywhere! I think there are at least 25-30 people staying at our house right now. At least half of them are staying in our house!! Yeah, it's going to be a crazy next few days!! :)

Before all of the craziness started, a guy came and decored our hands with Henna :) It was fun. They told me to get the best color on my hands, that I shouldn't get any water on my hands and I shouldn't bathe for a few days!! Yeah, did I mention that it's about 90 degrees today :) hahaha :)

In our country, after everyone eats, it is bedtime :) If they wait too long to go to bed, then they feel like they have to eat again. They always go to bed on a full stomach (if possible). So.... after we all ate, everyone started curling up and going to bed - ALL OVER THE HOUSE! It was awesome! People are very creative about where they sleep. These little girls on the left were really cute. :)

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south asia said...

So are the guests staying in your flat, too? If so, I'm incredibly impressed with your flexibility and patience with such an unknown situation. You know me, the Freak Out Queen, I'd be, well, freaking out.