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Stuff :)

hey! Thought I'd send some pics of some fun and funny stuff we've seen and done in the last week :)

The fair is in town! We went to the fair the other day :) They had TONS of little shops set up around it with toys for kids :) It was cool.

You can see masks like this on most people's houses. These are put on the house, to ward off evil, protect the house, etc. This particular mask is located at the house across the street from us. We thought it was funny because this mask (used for protection), has it's own protection (the plastic bag around it)... OK, I thought it was funny :)

OK, so this is absolutely hilarious!!! I love the organizational structure of this poster for kids. This specific poster is of different kinds of birds. This section of it made me laugh :) FLAMINGO AND BIRDS OF PREY! Who would have put those together! Hahaha :) That Rocks!!

OK, so ignore how strange I look in this picture :) (It was a LONG day) I was trying to make a dip (you know, like chips and dip)... and it called for cream cheese... well, even though we live in a land FULL of cows, we don't have cream cheese. So..... we have to make it ourselves.... now, before coming here I would not have been able to tell you how to make cream cheese... but Oh, the things you learn how to do living overseas :) OK, so I have to get yogurt and put it in some loosely woven cloth - in this case, my dupatta (the thing I wear around my neck out in public). Anyway, you put the yogurt in the cloth and let the water/liquid stuff drip out for most of the day (about 5-6 hours). Then.... you have cream cheese (although if you eat it plain, it's not that great... but it's good for recipes)... well, the recipe wasn't a success because I used fresh pineapple instead of the canned kind and boy was it disgusting!! OH well :)

This is a picture of man that we see everyday on our way to our language lesson. I thought it was a fun pic :) Enjoy!

Adam and I get a chance to go down south for a week for a conference thing :) So the next post will have pics from another part of our country! Rockon!!


Sparky said…
Homemade cream cheese....NICE! :-)
Annie said…
The first thing I thought about when I "saw" that you were making cream cheese is that yummy strawberry pretzel salad and the cream cheese and cool whip filling. You guys want to come over tomorrow night and I'll make it just for you?!! Let me know! :-)
SouthAsiaRocks said…
Dude!! That would rock! Don't tempt me like that :) haha YOU ROCK!
Joyce said…
Hey guys! This is joyce from Bdesh. your neighbor. I enjoy reading your blog. My friend here makes cream cheese but adds powdered sugar at the end. I haven't tried it. You are right...we do things here we never would have imagined in the states.
MathenyFamily said…
The beautiful but deadly flamingo. I love it. Flamingo Bird of Prey. Yea, if your shrimp.
I can see it now.
“Just when you thought it was safe to vacation in Florida ….
ree ree ree ree

Eric Roberts
Bobcat Gothwait
William Shatner
Gary Coleman
south asia said…
A fair! How cool! Can't wait to see pics of the South - is it as pretty and green as every one says it is?

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