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Another day at the Market...

So it seems that we always have to go to the market... so here's some fun pictures from our market experiences this week :)

So, the other day, we bought some chai cups from the guy below... as we were about to leave, we noticed his display table that he has tons of class and ceramic things on.... are on a piece of plywood that is stacked on rocks and bricks... it really didn't look sturdy enough to stack glass things on, but it definitely worked... I thought it was funny...
So then, in one of the markets was this guard... There are guards everywhere... but this guy was from a company that made me laugh... you can see it on his shirt... the "Decent Group"... no, not the Outstanding Group or Amazing Group, just the Decent Group :)
Now, lots of crazy thing have been going on in our city with the government and the shops (closing the shops and things like that).... so this guy got creative :) He has all the shawls that he's selling draped all over his body... looks heavy hunh? Well, he's got a stick under his arm to help hold it up (you can see it at the bottom of the picture...)... Creative!
And, at one of our week's market trips, we got a Christmas tree!!! Yes, it is HUGE... but it's cool :) It makes us smile, so why not? :)


south asia said…
Wow great tree!! (ours is pitiful :)
Anonymous said…
loved the size of that xmas tree, in the states you'd pay big bucks for it,you both seem very happy and healthy, send me an email, love, cathi
lindsey Cooper said…
I love how you captured the beauty of those girls in that first picture! I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas! Are the Petersen's still there or are they back in the States? Hope things are going well for you guys!
SouthAsiaRolls said…
Is that a little sock-monkey hanging on the tree? Are you sure that's a safe thing to do? I hear those things have a rare form of In-Grown Stockingholm Rabies (IGSR). You better be careful around that thing! I hope you have a nice rabid-free holiday.

Don't forget: livin' life on the edge a.k.a. livin' la vida loca (en espanol) has its breath-taking views, warm tingly feelings, and awesome wind-blown hair effect. But keep in mind that the winds of change from the areas beyond the edge (you know, on the edge of the life your livin' on the edge) are coming to blow Rabies from that sock monkey into your life, causing heartbreak that can only be compared to the feeling when Blossom got canceled or that time when gas prices exceeded a dollar.

Anyway, Merry Christmas.
Kelley said…
I love your tree! Its beautiful!

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