Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Sometimes it seems like it takes forever for Christmas to come!! ... but it finally got here :) On Christmas Eve, we took a train to M-town to see all of our friends there :) (the pic below is from the M-town train station...it was about 8:00am and it was really foggy!) We got to M-town, and the first friends we went to see were the Kumars. They were the family we lived with while in M-town. The kids took us upstairs to the part of the house that we used to live in. It is now the kids area. They decorated a tree with cotton and we're really excited to show it off for us!

The two youngest kids - Shakshi and UB performed a dance for us!! They sang Jingle Bells while dancing a choreographed dance! It was really cute! They even pulled out the tamborines for us and threw toffees at us :) hahaha - it was fun!
We visited a few other friends too as well as going to a party :) We had a great time! It was really cool! As you can probably tell from the way I look in the pic below, I was completely exausted by the end of the day :) It was GREAT!
We had a lot of fun on Christmas day also :) We woke up and opened presents. As you can see from the picture below, Adam was very excited about one of his presents :)
Then we went to breakfast at our friends' house :) We had a great breakfast with games and the movie "Elf"... it was fun :)
Later that day we had lunch with some friends that followed with a crazy White Elephant Gift Game :) You have never seen people go so crazy over Reeses or Dr. Peppers :) haha - it was fun :)

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