Thursday, March 30, 2006

HUGE party!!!

I can't even begin to explain the party that took place in front of our house on Monday night... Sooo much happend and I took sooo many pics... I don't know if I can describe it all :) but I'll do my best! The family that we live with had a big party that is called a Jogrun. It is a HUGE event. They invite all of their friends and family. The Kumars (the fmaily we live with) just moved from another city a few years ago, so most of their close friends and family live out of town - so needless to say, there were many out-of-town guests. In this culture, if you invite someone from out of town, you are also offering them a place to stay at your house :) Which means that people were staying in our part of the house also! Yes, it was crazy!! In one area of our house, we took out all the furniture and they rented mats to cover the floors for people to sleep on. It was awesome!!

The party began with a pr time to the g0ds here. There was a HUGE stage set up in front of our house that had images of the g0ds that they pryed to. The picture on the left is the Kumar famliy. They offered up some of the food that we were about to eat and they did some other rituals.

The next thing was the dinner :) There was sooo much food! At weddings we've been to, there has been a lot of food, but this party topped them all! It was awesome! The food was in a tent at the park at the end of the street. The tent was sooo big! I ate tons of food! (and I was throwing up all day yesterday.... hmmm). The pic on the right is of me and Shakshi in the dinner tent.

We had no idea what to expect next. After everyone was done eating, everyone went back to our house. There were about 200-300 people there at this part. It was so crazy!! Everyone started to sit down on mats that were on the street (the street was closed down).

At this point, the h*ly man came to the front with the Kumar family and they begin a the "ritual" for this party. I can't explain this very well, because I couldn't really understand it very well, but the did a lot fire and water. Then came the next part....

There were two singers... This picture is of the second singer. He was the main guy. Almost all of the songs were about and to the g0ds here. The ones that wern't, were about giving money. While the singer was singing, people would bring up money and he would sing their names and they would all dance. We didn't really understand the whole thing, but the money was offered for the gods, but the singer got to keep it.
The Jogrun went on all night. It ended at 5 am. It was quite an interesting experience. Some of the family that came to vist were great. We got to meet some really interesting people and we really learned a lot about the culture. Although I got pretty sick, the food was good too :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

It's going to be crazy!!

Tomorrow there is going to be a BIG party at our house!! It's going to be crazy!!! Everything has started today thought. Adam and I were gone for the weekend to meet with someone in the city. When we got home and drove up to the house, there were people EVERYWHERE!! There were people cooking lots of food, people cleaning, people preparing food, people delivering things and tons of family members!! At dinner time, everyone went inside and set in every bit of floor space and people came around with the food. There was some awesome new potato thing I had never had before, some dahl and of course, roti (the bread they eat with every meal. They sort of use it as a spoon. They never believe us when we say that we don't eat it with every meal in America. They always ask us what we do use to eat our food and we say a spoon and they think that's hilarious!! :)
They have had family members come from everywhere! I think there are at least 25-30 people staying at our house right now. At least half of them are staying in our house!! Yeah, it's going to be a crazy next few days!! :)

Before all of the craziness started, a guy came and decored our hands with Henna :) It was fun. They told me to get the best color on my hands, that I shouldn't get any water on my hands and I shouldn't bathe for a few days!! Yeah, did I mention that it's about 90 degrees today :) hahaha :)

In our country, after everyone eats, it is bedtime :) If they wait too long to go to bed, then they feel like they have to eat again. They always go to bed on a full stomach (if possible). So.... after we all ate, everyone started curling up and going to bed - ALL OVER THE HOUSE! It was awesome! People are very creative about where they sleep. These little girls on the left were really cute. :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Got Juice?

This is a guy that comes down the road making juice! This is cool! The guy goes down the road and if you want juice, he puts oranges in his juicer and juices them... it's cool!! (Except that they always want to put black salt or masala in the juice... we skipped out on that and they could not understand why :) He rolls by our house everyday now. Pretty cool!

This picture totally cracks me up!! This is the juice guy's radio!! In our area of the country, if something is valuable... they keep it in the packaging until it falls off ... they keep plastic on their furniture (at least for it's first year-no matter how tacky it looks :) and plastic on everything!! It's so funny :) This is his radio... He made a hole for the speaker and one for the cord :) Awesome!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Whoa! I'm Purple!

Well, today the "colors" came!! Today was the big holiday where people throw colors on each other all morning! You wear really old clothes (ones you don't mind getting ruined) and play (or lock your doors and hide inside :)). We had a lot of fun playing!!
This was our team! It was our end of the street versus the other end of the street! It was so fun! Our team totally won - it was awesome!! It has to be one of the funnies holidays I have ever experienced :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The colors are coming. . . .

The colors are coming. . . Tomorrow is the big holiday where everyone throws colors on each other! It's crazy!! Above are some of the powdered colors that are for sale. It's a crazy day! Today they have a special w'ship time and tonight they will burn fires. On the left you can see the fire wood ready for tonight's fires. They made this fire with mostly wood and poop-patties. It's been raining today, so I don't know if the fires will actually take place though :) Should be interesting!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Last night I made a very typical dish from our country called Aloo Ghobi (Potato Cauliflower)... yeah, it looks kinda gross - but it tasted pretty good :) We definitely have some strange things to eat here though... Last night I aslo ate a PURPLE CARROT! I thought that was crazy! It smelled like a carrot and tasted like a carrot, but it was so dark purple that it almost looked black! It also stained my hands really purple - it was awesome! It also made my teeth and tongue a little purple!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Birthday Fun!

Today was my friend and Language Helper, Jaya's, birthday party! We had dinner and then afterwards we went to McDonald's for Ice Cream. We had to have a picture with Ronald before we left :) They thought that was really weird, but we had fun doing it :)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

You Never Know....

I never know what I'm going to see on a daily basis that makes me laugh... Today in the market, I saw Disney! (Well, this towel anyway)... It made me laugh :)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Signs! SiGnS! siGnS!

A friend and I were talking about how many funny signs we see on a daily basis. They make me laugh, so I thought I'd pass them along.

This is the Laptop and Notebook world! Does that look like a place where you would like to get your next computer? :)
Remember all those commercials that offer a kit to refill your computer ink cartridge? Have no fear - you can refill right here :)

The brand of this soap totally cracked me up!! Mysore soap?? Awesome!!

I don't know what "fancy cracker" is referring to, but this sign really made me laugh :) Is anyone getting married anytime soon?

And last but not least (for this post anyway), instructions for using an escalator. It is absolutely hilarious to watch people use escalator here. In the city we're living in, we have a new escalator and most people in our city have never used one before - Adam and I love to just sit and watch people try to use it. It's great entertainment. Some of it is very similar to the escalator scene in the movie ELF :)