Friday, February 09, 2007

Old City

Within the hustle and bustle of the Old part of our city, is the largest M0sque in our country! It's really big and impressive. It is one of the few M0sques that women can enter, so it was really neat for me to get to go inside. The building of it begain in 1650 and it took 6 years and 5,000 men to complete!
We got to climb up in one of the Minarets (the one on the left) and get a really great view of the city.
Afterwards we walked through a few markets. One of the markets had tons of different kinds of car parts! Every shop had their specialty... hubcaps, headlights, brake drums, etc... this pic below is of the car door shop :)

0 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!: