Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Super Bowl MONDAY!

Yes, I did say that correctly... SUPER BOWL MONDAY! yesterday morning (Monday) at 4:30 AM... the Superbowl came on here on our ESPN channel! So, a bunch of us got together at a friend's house to watch it! So at 4:30 AM I was watching football (which is hardly ever on TV here), eating brownies, salsa & chips and drinking coke :) It was fun :) The only problem was that we didn't get any of the good commercials... we only got local commercials... There was a cycle of the same cricket and football (soccer) commercials over and over... oh well :) It was fun to be up that early watching football :) I definitely wouldn't do that for just any game though... but that was definitely fun :)

In other not-as-interesting-news... we got some new chairs!!! :) We were out with some friends helping them look at furniture and we saw some chairs we liked :) They were VERY comfortable and a great price, so we got them! Now our house is starting to feel more comfortable :) And we now have some plaid chairs!!

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