Monday, September 03, 2007

Birthday AND a Holiday

Tomorrow (Sept 4) is another holiday here. It's the birthday one of the g0ds, Krishna. Some people take this holiday VERY seriously. There have been celbrations going on in the temples for the last week. Adam and I went to one of the temples a couple of days ago for some "cultural learning"... This temple we went to is actually an ISKC0N Temple (International S0city for Krishna Consci0usness). It's actually a branch off of H'nduism... it has become popular in the West. In the pic below, you can see people w'shipping inside of part of the temple. Same thing... they were chanting the Hare Krishna mantra over and over again. They tried to give us some "free books" while we were there, but wouldn't give them to us unless we paid something... hmmm.... not really free...
On another note :) My friend Jaya (below on the right) and her friend Manu got to come visit me at my house for the first time while she was in the Capital for her interviews.

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Rick & Heather said...

I feel like I have heard of these celebrations before. It could have something to do with my new Indian Uncle. hmmmmm. It's great that you were able to visit with some friends! Happy Labor Day!