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Two Different Worlds

One of the cool things about the city we live in is that it really is a mix of two different worlds... Yesterday I was having a bad day... a mix of being pregnant :) and things not going quite right... so Adam decided to take me out to have some fun :) I haven't been able to go out much because if I get just a little bit hot, then I get sick (I'm sure you guys already know that though... I've mentioned that a lot - sorry....)... Well, around 5:00 pm it was feeling great outside, so Adam and I left to go to a cool Gardens area...
This garden area was established in the 15th-16th century by the Sayyids and Lodis - so it's really old.. there are tombs and old ruins all over... there were parrots, crazy chirping birds, and lots of grass!!
Well, we got there and it was starting to get dark... we wanted to take some pictures... so we pulled out the tripod and adjusted it and finally got it ready... we took the first picture (which didn't turn out very well) and one of the park guards came up to us and told us that we can't use a tripod in the park - what?? So, needless to say, we only got one picture... here it is below:
So after our failed picture attempt and a couple of games of cards, we decided to go to a market area that was close by and eat some dinner... one of our favorite restaurants (The Big Chill) is in that market and actually makes western food that tastes western - it's great! We had dinner there and noticed a new place next to it called Chocola... Well, we just had to check it out... We walked inside and MAN - it really was like another world in there!... It was fancy! They had TONS of chocolates and chocolate choices on their menu - it was sooo cool and super fancy! In the pic below you can see Adam with one of the chocolates he ordered. In the background you can see those lighted boxes (that look like fancy jewelry displays)... those are the boxes that hold the different chocolates they make - super fancy!
No little chocolates for me though... this pregnant woman needed some chocolate yesterday!!! OK, picture this... homemade chocolate ice cream, with chocolate fudge sauce on top, with chocolate pieces, and chocolate covered almonds - all on top of homemade chocolate chip cookie... Are you ready for this?? Check out what I got!!! Oh, and it was only about $3 :)
It's cool to live in a city that's so old, but yet has some really new things too... it's pretty fun :) YUM!


Glad Adam is such a caring hubby and glad your day ended better than it started! (or so it seems:)

The chocolate looks INCREDIBLE! Is this blog post paybacks for the
chocolate covered stove I posted?

I would have totally sat there and ate the whole thing without offering any to anyone else...HAHA!
Kelley said…
I love that they have the chocolates in the jewelry cases. That is so creative.
E-Rob said…
Oh wow that looks good!!
The Agarwals said…
Sorry to hear you didn't have the best of days. Pregnancy and life can sometimes do that to you!! All those blasted hormones! That chocolate looks amazing!! My goodness!! I just want one little bite! I remember when I was pregnant with Eden we made some brownies for dessert. Rahul came home the next day and was in the mood for some chocolate- surprisingly they were gone!! hmm!!??!! I'll never tell where they went!! So, you know I have to ask, are you craving sweets?!
Sara Beth said…
That looks SOOO good! I like too how you can see Adam's little piece of chocolate in the background still as a comparison! Ha!
Aarmel said…
mmmm...i know where aaron's taking me next time we're in your area!!!
Tales of a Girl said…
whoa....I'm def. going to that place on my way through your town in Dec....definitely
Deanna said…
Wow!!!! That looks unbelievably delicious! And Adam must be super thoughtful to take such good care of you. Hope your weather cools off soon.
April's Mom said…
I am so excited to say I have been to the The Big Chill but so sad to say I missed the Chocolate store!
Love and chocolate kisses to you three.
alliecatnsa said…
Ummmm..... That looks so good. If we ever come and visit yall that is where I will stay!! hehe.....

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