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Road Trip #6... DISNEY!

Road trip #6 started off with a visit to Adam's mom, then a trip to Disney, Visiting friends, and then ended with a visit to Adam's dad. Our friends got us a Disney park-hopper pass for the day and it ROCKED!!! We started off at Animal Kingdom. We hadn't been there in 5 years or so, so it had changed lot. It was a lot of fun! Their South Asia area of the park is so authentic that I thought I was there!
Next we went to the Magic Kingdom :) Aashini started that park off with a nice nap :)
We weren't sure if Aashini was going to enjoy herself or not. We went into a 3D show and she was a little scared (it was loud and it involved water spraying on you and air blowing in your face)... but she loved it!!!
At one point we took her to a place where she could crawl around :)
We just HAD to get her a Mickey hat.... with her name on it ;) We like to get her things with her name on it since there aren't many things that will ever come with her name on it :)
We met some new South Asian friends :) They were waiting on their kids on Thunder Mountain and wanted to hold Aashini.
Aashini and her Ears :)
Family Photo
I think Aashini's favorite ride was "It's a Small World", although she thought the Peter Pan ride was pretty cool. She thought the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was a little scary (especially the little drop) but she still enjoyed it ;) She really had a good time! She would even wave at all the people passing by :) It was cute!
Oh yeah, and she loved the Carousel :)
It was an awesome trip!! It was definitely a much needed day of vacation :)


Brandy said…
So fun you guys got to go to Disney. I've never been and look forward to taking our kids some day. I enjoy hearing what people do and like as I "plan" our trip one day!

We're heading over to your city tomorrow. Too bad we couldn't get together with you in South Asia! We'll think of you, I'm sure.
Kara said…
I'm so jealous! Glad you all had a fun day, I love Aashini's little hat. I still have my hat from Disneyland with my name on it. :) We went one stateside when I was in 8th grade. Seeing your pictures, I can't imagine what an overdose of fun and excitement that would be for the!
Kelley said…
It looks like so much fun and I love the pink mickey mouse ears. So cute.
Anonymous said…
That is so great! I love the family photo! You all look so good and like you are having a fun day!
Erin G said…
looks like you guys have fun. I'll be honest and say I am not looking forward to the day when our kids are clamoring for a disney vacation.

I love that you get her stuff with her name on it since her name is rare!

and I also think it's hilarious that you came from south asia to florida, to hang out in the south asian section of a disney park, and make friends with more south asians! home is where your heart is, I guess!
Anonymous said…
Glad you and your family had a great time! Looks like it was a ton of fun!
Allie said…
I SOOOO WANNa GO!!! I thinl we are gonna go when we get back so that is pretty exciting!
Y'all look like you had fun!
Misty Burns said…
awe!!! LOVE the mickey ears! looks like u guys had a fabulous time!awesome!
Sara Beth said…
You guys look great! Glad you had a fun day and that she did so well. She just goes with the flow doesn't she?

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