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Flat Abigail!

Meet Flat Abigail!  She came to visit us here in South Asia :)  (If you want to know more about  Flat Stanley then click there!).
We went to the old part of our city to see some fun things :)  We went to one of my favorite music stores in the Old City.  I got a Harmonium here for my birthday just before Aashini was born (to see it, click HERE!).  Here is Flat Abigail with the Harmoniums!  A Harmonium is kind of like a piano and accordion mixed.  It sounds a lot like a small organ. You play the piano part with your right hand, and pump the organ part with your left hand.  Flat Abigail had fun playing them!  

Next, Flat Abigail found some drums.  They are called Tablas and you play them with your hands.  She had fun playing with them!

Flat Abigail was curious and wanted to know how they made the Harmoniums & Drums, so we went up to the roof of the store to see!!  They build all of their own instruments there on the roof.  I love the drills that they use!  It is not an electric drill like we are used to seeing!  It’s a drill that is “arm-powered” with a string!  Look how the man uses his foot to hold the wood (and Flat Abigail) still!
There is a great view of the biggest M0sque in our country from the roof.  It was commissioned by the same guy that made the Taj Mahal.
Unfortunately Flat Abigail leaned over the edge too far and fell over the edge :)
Luckily our friend came to the rescue!  He saved Flat Abigail :)
Next, we went to see an old fort.  It was constructed in the 1600s also by the same guy that made the Taj Mahal!

Flat Abigail decided she wanted to buy a party dress.  So she found an outfit that a girl her age might wear to a party, wedding or a special event.  It’s very sparkly! 

After all of that shopping, Flat Abigail was hungry.  So we stopped to get a snack.  Flat Abigail decided she wanted a Samosa.  It’s a triangle shaped fried pastry that is stuffed with things like potatoes, peas and onions.  She loved it and ate 2 of them. 

As we walked down a galli (alley), we saw a horse and a horse cart.  White horses are used in Hindu weddings.  The groom rides into his wedding on a white horse.  Sometimes he sits on just a horse, and sometimes on a horse cart.  Flat Abigail was excited to see the horse!

As we walked down the road, Flat Abigail saw a jewelry shop and just had to stop!  She quickly jumped into the bangles!

We decided to meet some kids that were in the Third Grade.  They had fun taking a picture with Flat Abigail!  

Flat Abigail wanted to see what the School Buses here look like.  There are many different ways that kids get to school here, but one way they go is on cycle rickshaws!  It's kind of like a cage on wheels :) 

It is very dusty in this part of town, and Flat Abigail got something stuck in her ear, so we decided to visit the guys that clean out ears.  That is their job!  They all wear red hats so that you know who they are.  If you look closely you can see pins stuck in their hats.  That is what they use to clean out people’s ears.  When Flat Abigail got her ears cleaned out, she just squatted on the sidewalk and the man that cleaned her ears just squatted next to her and cleaned out her ears! 

Last, but not least, we decided to stop for lunch.  We stopped at McDonald’s!  There are McDonalds everywhere.  It is very different here though.  They do not serve any beef here. They sell a lot of chicken burgers and they have a lot of different kinds of veggie burgers.  Flat Abigail got a Veg Pizza McPuff Happy Meal!

There are a bunch more pictures, but I didn't want to post too many pics!!!  Haha!  I hope you enjoyed a day in the life of Flat Abigail


Deanna said…
Anonymous said…
hahaha! that was a great post!! Flat Stanley came to see me last year. the people love him! i'm sure who ever gets Abigail back will have the best pictures in the class!
jrob said…
I am sending this post to my elementary school teacher friends, this was the BEST Flat Stanley/Abigail day I've ever heard of! I am very jealous now of Flat Abigail. Of course, I would've order the Veg Surprise instead. ;)
Anonymous said…
Awesome!! How fun was that!!!
Jen said…
That was tons of fun! I hope Flat Abigail really enjoyed her time with the Sheffermans!
Shannon said…
That's so fun! My brother sent a Flat Stanley to the US when we were kids living in Germany. This post brought back memories for me! :)

And Lee didn't know about the guys that clean ears over here. Haha!
KSA said…
I love it. I had a flat Stanley come and visit me in Central Asia a few years ago. It is such a great was to let kids at home see the ever day joys we find in living overseas. It looks like Abigail had a great day, and I feel like I know now a little bit more about your part of the world too.
Flat Abagail brought me so much joy! Loved this post.
gloria said…
that was hilarious, I'm still laughing, and soooo clever!!!!Andrea, you are so talented. Have you ever thought of illustrating childrens book?
I can't believe that guy risked his life on the roof for poor flat Abigail. I'm glad he did though.
allhisblessings said…
You did a great job showing Flat Abigail around. So fun!! Especially the ear cleaning.
Ceeseelee said…
Flat Stanley came to Hyderabad too. We did a lot of the same things you did. I think Flat people must end up at McDonalds no matter where they travel.
Misty Burns said…
ok, so there is only one thing that my abigail was dissapointed in....she wanted a picture of her "flat abigial" with Aashini! :) You guys went beyond awesome with these pics. can not wait to show her class! :)

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