Friday, May 29, 2009


This week we took a mini-trip "out of town". We were actually still in the Capital, but a little over an hour away from where we live, so we stayed in a hotel in that part of the city. A bunch of fun college students were in town and we were helping with their orientation :)
On our way over to the Hotel, we saw this:That same thing is on the back of our 500 rps Bill. I didn't know there was a statue of it. It was pretty cool to see. It's actually a statue of the Salt March to Dandi on March 12, 1930 which was a part of the Salt Satyagraha. I know that probably lost most of you, but this was actually a pretty big event in our county when they were a Colony of the Brittish. It was actually a non-violent protest against the Brittish Salt Tax. Over 80,000 people were jailed as a result of it. The campaign had a significant effect on changing world and British attitudes toward independence in this country, and caused large numbers of South Asians to actively join the fight for the first time. This march actually had a significant influence over Martin Luther King, Jr.
Here's a close-up of a part of the statue :)
OK, enough of the history lesson. Here's my friend Anna ;) We met her when we were in the states and she's here for the summer! yay!! She also brought me a some special goodies I had been craving :) She ROCKS!
Here's another one of those yellow trees I like. I think they're so cool because everything is pretty brown outside (not much green in the trees, not much grass, etc) and they just appear in the brown as a pretty yellow tree - it's pretty cool :)We spent most of our time in the hotel, so I don't have tons of pictures, but Aashini had her picture taken TONS! There were lots of families at the hotel on vacation, and they wanted pics with Aashini. She usually likes the pictures, but during this one she had had enough :) haha!
Aashini was treated like a princess while we were there. Most South Asians in our part of the country don't really discipline their kids until they are 5 or 6. They don't like them to cry and they'll do whatever they can to make the kids happy. So, that means that if Aashini wanted something, she got it :) haha! The guys that worked in the place where we ate lunch gave her everything and would carry her around and play with her while we ate (which was nice!!). On the last day one of the guys held her and fed her ice cream :) It was funny :)
We had a great time and it was a great "getaway". It was fun :)

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alittlewater said...

looks like so much fun! i have always liked that statue. i hope your time at the hotel was good!

Roberts said...

I didn't know anything about the history you mentioned - not even that it was on the back of the 500rp bill! That's interesting. :)
I love the look on Aashini's face in the Junior Mint picture. She's proud of her fun mom!

allhisblessings said...

5 or 6?? What a terrible time to start disciplining!! By that time, they're as rotten as can be and possibly ruined forever! :)

Spencer and Kari said...

That's so interesting that they don't discipline their kids till they are 5 or 6. I don't know how it works at that age or does it ever?

~April Joy~ said...

I miss you guys so much!

Misty Burns said...

i love the last pic of aashini. talk about getting what you want! :)

gloria said...

Yea, that expression on her face looking at you with the junior mints is priceless!!!!!!
Very interesting about the salt tax and the protesting. YOu know soooo much!!!!!!

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

I love weekend trips like that!