Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun & Food!

First off... some fun! We hadn't played Settlers of Catan in a while (you can't play with 2 people and Aashini keeps us quite busy) - so we invited some folks over to play the other day! It was very fun! (We missed you Carie & Keith!)
OK, so I was requested to post a video of how to cut a mango :) We're not claiming to be professionals or anything, but here's how we do it! If you do it another cool way, let me know! :)

Here's Adam eating off the pit. It hink it's kinda gross (but it does taste good!) :)
Here's Aashini eating her mango! She usually goes through at least a huge mango every day!! She begs for them! I don't know what we're going to do when mango season is over!
We now have a Hard Rock Cafe in our city! We went to it the other day and had a lot of fun :) They have a lot of things on the menu that we can't get here - like Pecans (on a salad)... I guess they import them or something - pretty cool!
Today I got to eat a Raj Katori!! This is my VERY favorite snack to eat here! YUM!
That's it for this episode of Food & Fun!

7 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!:

Carie said...

Awww, we would have loved to have been there!!! We miss you guys too!! That snack you were eating looked good! Glad you guys had a fun game night next time I'll bring the popcorn!

Roberts said...

Okay I'm gonna remember this blog so next time I buy a (mediocre) mango, I will be watching the video to learn how to cut it correctly!

I'm happy to see that green maternity shirt in the first pic. :) I wear mine weekly!

Carrie said...

Can you freeze Mango? If so stock up now and freeze some for when they aren't in season :-)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

yeah Carie - bring some popcorn!!!!

Carrie - great idea :) I wish our freezer was bigger!!

Bethany said...

I've got two mangos here right now and I am going to totally try this method. I wasted a lot of mango today peeling off the skin. Very helpful, thanks!

timmy said...

We love settlers! Come on over and play! So seriously... we're moving to the Red Sea coast (beaches, snorkeling, scuba, hiking, etc.)... and y'all need to come visit!!! We'll get our settlers on fo' sho'!

Deanna said...

You guys always make living in your part of the world look like great fun! Thanks! And we played Siedlers von Caattan in Deustchland. Fun!