Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mahila Sangeet - Wedding Part 2

The 2nd day of the wedding was the Mahila Sangeet. Sangeets are done differently in different parts of the country and within different families. It's predominately done in the North. For this one, the family of the bride meet at her house. A lot of men skip out on this function. Some Sangeets are only for women, but most nowadays are for anyone. At Jaya's house, women gathered in the downstairs room and sang songs (some men were outside or around this area). Some are religious songs but a lot are folk songs too. They sing, clap and play the drum. In the upstairs room, Jaya was getting Mehindi (henna) done on her arms and legs.
So what do you do if you have your hands covered in Mehendi and your hungry? Your friends feed you :) The bride gets fed a lot during her wedding time. It was HOT this night. You can tell we're all really hot!
Here is the finished product! Her left arm's designs represent her husband and the right arm's designs represent her. It's pretty cool how it tells a story. If you look closely you can see pictures of her and Deepansh on her arms and the god Ganesh.
This is what her legs looked like :)
It was a fun night hanging out and watching that amazing artwork! The guys that do Mehendi are quite talented!

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Carie said...

Wow!! Her mehindi is amazing!!! I love the designs they do there! Her it isn't like that! What a fun time!

Emily said...

Wow I've never noticed the bride and groom on the mehendi. It's so cool. I've always loved leg mehendi, and wish I had a reason to get it done. I guess I'd have to travel back 6 years and do it for my wedding. :)
Did her sangeet have dancing? I still remember the Punjabi sangeet I went to. The wedding was miserable, but the sangeet was SUPER fun with all the dancing.

Bri said...

soooo pretty!!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

I think from what I read that Sangeets are made famous by Punjabis. They didn't do any dancing while we were there. They told us before that everyone would dance on the roof, but by the time we left they had the beds laid out on the roof... so I'm thinking no dancing at this one :)

Christine @ Great Oak Circle DIY said...

Wow! This is great. So pretty

gloria said...

I'm just amazed at that artwork, I have a couple of friends that do this at disney world and they would just love to see this, just incredible.
Thats really cool that her friends feed her. I like that. lovegg

Anonymous said...

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