Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holiday Season!

It's Holiday Season here! This is a fun time of the year. Diwali starts tomorrow (Oct 15). The first day of Diwali is called Dhanteras (Aashini was born on Dhanteras 2 years ago!). "Dhan" means wealth. It's the biggest shopping day of the year! (think of the day after Thanksgiving x 10! It's insane!). People are supposed to pray to the goddess Lakshmi for blessings in the form of wealth. Since it's the day associated with wealth, businesses & homes are renovated and/or decorated for the goddess of wealth (Lakshmi). Entrances to houses or offices are usually decorated with a Rangoli - the pic below is a picture of one of the many rangolis at the mall today. They are usually made with colored powders, colored sawdust or flower petals.
Last night we went to a big Diwali fair in our neighborhood. They were selling lots of things and had food and fair-type rides. Here's the fancy rangoli at the entrance to the fair.
They had lots of performers at the fair. It was fun to watch. Aashini thought it was cool :)
These guys were really fun :) They ran around singing and dancing - they had tons of energy!
This guy was awesome!!! He was so fun on his stilts :)
He held Aashini for a minute - at first she liked it, but then she got scared :(
Some of the rides weren't quite ready yet :) haha! This one made me laugh because it looked like a plane crash.
There were lots of performers. This guy was a good singer - but his mullet cracked me up :)

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Laura said...

Awesome, thanks for posting those pics. I'm sad about missing Diwali this year! Not sad about missing the insane traffic and crowded markets though!

Bri said...

you are too awesome!

Emily said...

I always loved the Diwali decorations and rangoli. Man I miss that!

allhisblessings said...

I love all the colors and fun. It looks like there are lots of interesting people and things to see!