Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last Days in Thailand

I still have a few more pics from our trip to Thailand that I wanted to post ;) The place we stayed at in Bangkok was right on a canal. It's pretty nasty water, but I really do love being near water - there's just something about it that makes me happy :) Anyway, they have water taxis all around Bangkok in these canals. Here's the one we saw through our window all day from our room :) We've ridden it before - it's pretty fun. The water is stinky though :)
Thailand is almost 95% Buddhist. You can find places of worship all over the city.
People will stop by them during their busy days and offer incense, flowers and prayers.
There was a ton of incense burning in this one worship site. It seemed like it was really foggy there because there was so much smoke.
One thing that was interesting at this worship site was that there were Thai dancers there. People could pay extra money offerings and and the ladies would do singing or dancing while the people that paid sat in front of them.
If you notice, the lady in the back left looks like she has a cheat sheet :)
Here is one of the dancers that was waiting around for the next thing she was supposed to do. She was eating. Thais seem to really love their food. In Bangkok you can look any direction and you will see someone eating :) This girl's shoes make me smile :)
Here is Aashini enjoying her little water bottle :) That was one of her favorite things this trip - getting her own little water bottle :)

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Emily said...

That's interesting that you said that about them eating. The first time we went to Thailand, we were told not to eat on the street because they considered it rude. I guess that's not exactly true anymore? Either the person who told us was misinformed, or that etiquette is outdated!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! I must be outdated or something - people are always eating everywhere :) haha! It makes me hungry all the time! :)

Christine said...

Fun pictures. The colors there are so bright!

Bri said...

so cool!