Sunday, January 10, 2010

We're Here (Finally!)

We finally made it! We definitely had a rough time getting here! We were scheduled to leave the Capital at 1 am ... but we were delayed because of the fog. We have a lot of problems with fog at the airport... as you can see, there were a LOT of delayed flights! Look how long they're delayed! Our flight that was supposed to leave at 1 am, didn't leave until 11 am the next day! (yes, that's 10 hours later)... so, since we didn't want to leave the airport and go though all that "stuff" again to come back in, we spend the night in the airport... and what a joy it was!! haha!
Aashini did NOT want to sleep! I don't blame her though... those seats were hard as ROCKS! She finally fell asleep at 4:30 am! She slept for about 2 hours :) haha! Here she is finally sleeping!
But... we eventually made it to Thailand!
On the first day, we began dealing with Diya's passport visa stuff.... so the next day, we took the girls to the Children's Discovery Museum! It was soooo fun!! One of the first things Aashini got to do was to get INSIDE a bubble! Cool hunh? Here she is right after it popped :)
There were funny mirrors too :)
She got to explore all sorts of fun Thai things. She got to try on this cool hat!
She even got to check out an igloo!
This picture makes me laugh ;)
We didn't know it, but the day we went was Children's Day :) In our country, we celebrate it on a different day, so we had no idea. The museum was packed out and there were tons of fun events for the kids outside :) Aashini got to do one of her favourite things - "painting!"
We have colds and have kinda been taking it easy the last couple of days, so not many new pictures... but I'll post more soon :)

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Christine said...

I am so glad you made it there! 10 hours is a long time to wait!! Feel better soon :)

Carie said...

I love Aashini's ears in that glad you guys made it,so sorry for the hard time you had to go through to get there! I pray you guys are feeling better soon!

Carrie said...

At an igloo with flip flops on - You know now she is truly your daughter! HA! ;-)

Emily said...

haha I was thinking the same thing as Carrie! You can take the girl out of Florida...