Saturday, July 10, 2010

HapPy 4th of July!

This year for the 4th of July we were in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The American Consulate threw a big party that was catered by a restaurant called Duke's (that most foreigners love). We got there and Aashini had a blast playing. Here she is with her buddy Callie (behind her). They got to play together a lot while we were in Chiang Mai. They had fun together :)
Aashini really enjoyed this bouncy house :)
I think this mid-air picture :)
haha! her look of determination in this picture is so funny :)
She got to dress up and get her picture taken. I took a few pictures of that that I will post later. We never got the pictures that the man took because we had to leave early.
Diya had fun drinking water and eating ice - her new favorite thing (the girl loves ice!)
Aashini got her face painted for the first time.
She loved it!
So, the party was a bit of a flop. They didn't expect the amount of people that came, so the food lines were about an hour long each (one line for sides, one line for drinks, one line for main course, etc...), so instead of waiting in lines, we left and went to the Sunday night market and ate some yummy Thai food :) When we left Aashini kept staring at the bugs. The girl loves bugs! She wanted to sit and stare at the bugs and the bat for a long time. She cried when we had to leave :)
We had a fun 4th of July :)

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Anthony and Sharon said...

Happy 4th! The American embassy in our overseas city throws a Christmas decor- party every year in November. They rent out a ballroom at a swanky hotel downtown and gather any and every person selling Christmas decorations to be vendors. It's so much fun. Sorry there wasn't enough Duke's to go around for everyone! Duke's is YUMMY!!!

Emily said...

I don't think Hazel would sit still for a face painting! I'm impressed with Aashini, the little entymologist. :)