Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vibrate the Fat Away!

Exercise is funny in this country. They don't totally get it yet. They sell some funny gadgets on TV and people buy them... and not just some people - LOTS of people. The Sauna belt is very popular here (we know a bunch of people with them - you know the belt you wear that makes your stomach hot and you "lose weight"?). Anyway, we saw this funny exercise machine in a store the other day - vibrating to lose weight :)

3 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!:

Anthony and Sharon said...

Her pigtails shaking are too cute!

Kara said...

Ok, first off...I glanced at this and thought it said vibrate the RATS away. :) haha I was thinking, well, she had new ideas to get rid of mosquitoes, they must have found something for rats!

Ok, about the FAT. Just this past weekend we were on the beach for a bday party and I had a conversation about this with two ladies. Two very educated ladies. :) We had been talking about some kind of serious stuff and then they were talking and I was doing something for a minute, I come back and the older lady tells the younger to ask me, "she's a nurse". They wanted to know what "machine" could make the fat go away. I started talking about exercise and they argued, no...its just this one spot. They wanted to know how to get rid of just that one "area" of fat. I had to crush their hopes and tell them there truly was no magic machine. It was time for cake, :), but I quickly tried to get in some education about calorie intake and usage. David tells me every time I start in about germs and the like here though I'm just wasting my time. :) TOO funny!

Alison said... not just in India...was just in SoCal and I saw about 20 billboards for this kind of thing :)