Monday, February 28, 2011

Monkeying Around

Today as we were leaving our house the monkey man came down the street. He comes down the street on his bicycle multiple times a day with his monkeys riding on the back. You can pay him to have the monkeys perform. Our across the street neighbors paid to have the monkeys come over to preform and they invited us in to see it too :)
The owner made the monkeys do a bunch of tricks. I felt a little bad for the monkeys, but the show was entertaining :)
Aashini and Hazel had a fun time watching it :)
The whole monkey show was a story about this monkey and his wife and life. It was pretty funny... a little weird too.
... there were a few "scenes" that I totally didn't get... like this one - haha!
It was quite entertaining and the kids loved it :) haha!

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