Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holi 2011

This year's Holi was a little different than planned :) haha! Aashini was super excited about Holi this year! Last year she was pretty terrified, but this year she LOVED it! (for previous Holi posts, click HERE). She came out with her huge water gun and quickly switched to her small one. She LOVED it!

Here's a pic of Adam - just about the only one I got of him... Diya didn't like Holi very much. If water was squirted near her she freaked out.
Aashini's favorite thing to do was to squirt the colors and "clean up" people's steps :) haha!
Our little section of our neighborhood (about 20 houses) celebrates Holi together on this road (one of our balconies overlooks it). Here's some of our neighbors :)
Here's Aashini having fun :)
Here's a couple of our neighbors. The girl on the left lives upstairs from us and has a little sister that is Aashini's age - she plays with her most afternoons - it's awesome!
Aashini having fun :) These pictures aren't the best quality - but I got to take some fun ones this year because I brought out my small camera with the waterproof case - so I didn't have to worry about it getting wet or anything :)
Well, about this time I was down on one end of the street with Aashini and the other kids and Adam was down on the other end of the street with the men. One of the kids ran up to me and told me that Adam was sick. (He had been sick for the last 5 days or so and had really wanted to come out for about 5-10 minutes of Holi). I knew he was sick, but thought it was weird that the kid was telling me that, so I went to the other side of the street to see Adam in a chair with a bunch of men gathered around him. He had totally passed out and was still out. I told the men to get me some juice and they poured a bottle of water over his head and he came to. After drinking some sugary drink he was back to "normal". They made him some ORS (lemon juice, water, sugar & salt) and he sat and drank that for a little bit while I let the kids play a little more.
Diya was a little concerned with everything. This was the only pic I got of her.
Aashini continued having fun :) The girl behind her in the black LOVES Aashini. She comes to see her every day and calls Aashini her little sister. She's the youngest in her family and has always wanted a little sister :) It's cute :)
Aashini and this little girl (can't remember her name right now) had fun running in circles shooting each other) :)
At one point I asked Aashini to smile and she posed like this - haha!!!
Aashini LOVED it and had a blast :)
We waiting until it was "safe" to go out on the streets (about 4:30) and Adam went to the doctor. There is a new (2 year old) nice hospital about 5 blocks from our house. We had taken someone to it earlier in the week, so it was nice to be able to go so close! The doc gave him an IV for a couple of hours and did some tests. The doc thought he might have Typhoid and treated him for it. We haven't gotten the official Typhoid test back yet, but the medicine made him feel TONS better. He's already doing MUCH better! Yay! PTL!! Quite an interesting Holi!

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A Day in the Life of the Lances said...

Wow! What a crazy story! I'm so glad Adam is doing better. Aashani is so much fun! I'm so glad she is already making friends!

Emily said...

Oh what a fun post! I looks like your new neighborhood is a lot more up your alley. (Gali? Bad joke :) I mean y'all could be South Asian, not even American, at this point. Sorry for Adam though. :(