Thursday, March 10, 2011

We Have Shifted!

We moved houses!! We moved last week! Our house had some serious termite issues and through some crazy events we ended up having to move earlier than planned.
Here's our house being packed up :)
This is what I and the girls did while Adam and the boys were moving and packing up the house :) Our awesome friends took us in for the day (and ended up being the night too!) while we moved! There was a glitch with the moving (and city rules) so they had to sit with the packed up truck until 9:00 pm... they weren't done unloading the truck until 3:45 am!!
Here's a picture of a room with all our stuff moved in!!
I love the house shaped windows - haha!
This is our landlord at her house :) She's awesome ;)
This is a road right behind our house that leads to this awesome ridge/park!! It's called the Rock Garden. It's full of big rocks - it's awesome!
Aashini LOVES it!
Here's one of the views from the top!
Aashini & Diya LOVE climbing on the rocks!
In our local market there is an awesome playground! It's even lit up at night and moms are there with their kids :) It's fun :)
We LOVE our new neighborhood and neighbors! It's awesome! Moving in is very slow (having to watch kids and move - it's a mess! haha!) It's going good though :) We'll post pics of our house once we get it all set up :)

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Haha! Folks say "shift" here too. And when they ask where you live, they ask where you "sit." :) So excited you like your new neighborhood and were able to find a house when you needed to get out of the other one quickly. Can't wait to see pics! (we move in 2+ months...making me excited!)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

That's awesome you're moving in 2 months! It's so exciting to move! :) (or shift!)

Emily said...

Yay you sound so happy in your new neighborhood! (not that I doubted...but still :) Can't wait to hear more and see more.