Monday, May 16, 2011

America - DeLand

We just got back from spending some time in DeLand with Adam's mom. Here are a few pictures from our time.

We went to the beach one day. They girls had fun with the sand! Aashini called it the desert :) haha!!
Daytona has hard packed sand and you can drive on parts of the beach. You can also pull wagons :)
Adam got to play basketball one day :)
We watched a soccer (football) game one morning. Aashini had fun with the soccer balls :)
... Diya was more into the athletes :) haha! We'd better watch out for this one!!!
Here's Aashini going for a walk one day :) (as you can see, Diya is busy doing some phone business on the walk) ;) haha!
One night we went and watched Adam's mom dance at a restaurant.
One of the days we went to Tampa and visited Adam's grandparents.
Aashini got to visit the dentist office that Adam's mom works in.
Dr. Pittman even looked inside Aashini's mouth :)
She had fun :)
If you want to see more, I havemore posted on Facebook :)

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Emily said...

Very cute, summery, family post!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Love it! Especially Aashini passed out in the wagon in that first pic:) And I can see how Aashini would think Daytona was a desert...that beach is wide and huge!