Thursday, May 26, 2011

America - Orlando!

I'm slow in posting, but here are some pics from our visit in Orlando to visit Adam's dad and brother (Notice that everyone in the pic below has blue eyes!! :))
Aashini found some rings one day and put them on all of her fingers :)
The girls had fun rocking out with all the awesome musical equipment that Adam's dad and bro have! Diya was serious about drumming! She loved it!!!
Aashini loved the drums & keyboard, but her favorite by far was the microphone!! She would sing and talk into it as long as we would let her - haha!
... a little fun in the crazy daisy sprinkler :)
We got Sean to push the stroller in the mall :)
We sang some karaoke one night - Adam really got into it :) haha!!
One night we went to Chuck E Cheese's. For the first time in her life Aashini was NOT afraid of the character in the costume - she ran up to Chuck and gave him a big hug and a high-five!
Aashini's favorite game was the Stinky Feet game... at the end of the game it let off a stinky smell - haha! She wanted to play it over and over!
You can see the progression below... Diya was excited to see Chuck... She ran up to him with her arms out... when she got to him she had 2nd thoughts and came running back pretty scared. She went back up to see him when Adam was holding her though :)
Look at this HUGE pizza!!!
One night we went to this fun dancing musical fountain. Aashini had sooo much fun!
Aashini made a little friend (in the pic below) - she had a lot of fun with him. When the fountain started up she thought it was awesome!
One day we went over to Lego Land in Downtown Disney.... the dragon and stuff in the pic below is ALL made of Legos!
Blurry family photo someone took for us :)
I was wearing my Mr. Potato Head shirt... so I had to get a picture with him :)
Aashini & Diya wanted to get their pic with Cinderella :)
Over the weekend we went camping. Adam's dad just recently got a pop-up camper - it was great!
Aashini got a new Rapunzel Doll from her friend Eden and I braided her doll's hair... so then Aashini needed her hair braided too :)
Diya loved the swings at the campground :)
The girls had fun playing in the dirt, playing at the spring, playing at the playground and all over the camp site :)
The girls had fun camping!!
Diya was super dirty most of the weekend ;) haha! This picture cracks me up :)
We had a great time in Orlando :)

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Carie said...

How fun!! Camping is so much fun!! Aashini's hair is getting so long...I love her curls!

Erin G said...

ha! I almost don't recognize A with her hair down. Glad y'all had fun in orlando. :)

Brandy said...

so many fun pics! I love A's braids and her curls--she looks so different with her hair down. I just see that so many others said that too. I do hope you had a fun, fun time in the US!

Emily said...

I've never seen a picture of Adam's dad before. Weird thing to comment on your blog huh? :) I love all the pics! Aashini looks so tall and skinny playing in the sprinkler!

allhisblessings said...

The pic of Diya all dirty made me laugh too. That's exactly what my kids look like every time we go camping!