Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hanging around Kathmandu!

 On our second day in Kathmandu, we went to Thamel.  It's an area of town that has a lot of shops and fun food places!  We all bought new jackets and we ate at a really fun Brick Oven Pizza Place (Roadhouse Cafe).  The market was really fun :)
While the girls were napping, I walked around the Stupa during the day to take some pictures.
 Tibetan Buddhism is something I haven't really ever seen much of, so it was new and very interesting to see.
Here's a picture of the Stupa from the night before.
 It has eyes that go around the whole thing.  It felt like it was staring at you the whole time.  Aashini said it looked like an Angry Bird.
 This lady looked so cool to me.  
 A lady saying prayers at the Stupa.
 A monk feeding the pigeons :)
 I took tons of pictures! I'll post more on Facebook in the next few days!   We loved our trip to Kathmandu.  It's a really cool city!

4 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!:

Melissa said...

Love the pictures. Looks so beautiful there.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

THANKS! It really was :) We loved it!

Emily said...

One of these days, I want to have a 10th of your photography skills! Glad y'all liked the city better than we did. haha!

thedailydish said...

AMAZING photos! You are truly living my dream. Hang in there w/ the Meniere's. Can't believe you can (or are brave enough) to fly! I haven't done so in years..