Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm sorry for the lack of blogging!  I have been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease and have been dealing with lots of nasty vertigo! ugh!  So, we went to Kathmandu, Nepal for a vist this past week!   When we flew in, I sat on the left side of the plane and as we descended, I got to sit by the window and snap some pics!  The picture below is of the Himalayas!   If you look at the highest point in this picture you'll see....
Cool hunh? 
 Another view from the plane :)
 Here's a view of Kathmandu from the plane :)
 The guesthouse we were staying in was near the Tibetan area of town.  We LOVED it!  There was a Stupa  in walking distance from where we stayed and there were places to eat and shop all around it.  It was VERY interesting.  The first night we were there was the last day of a holiday, so everyone was out and about :)
 This lady has a cute smile :)
 There are prayer wheels all around the stupa.  This was a big one that I thought was neat.
 This area made me feel like I was at Disney World :)  It was so fun!
 Aashini and I overlooking the Stupa and all the people :)
 Another lady with candles near the Stupa.  
I have a ton of pictures :)  I'm hoping to get them all posted soon :)  AND I still have to post Christmas pictures! haha!  

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Carie said...

Wow what a cool looking place! I love the faces of those ladies! I'm praying you have relief from your Meniere's disease!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Thanks Carie :) You ROCK!

Erin G said...

how cool you got to see mt everest!! hope you feel better soon, dear. :)