Monday, March 05, 2012

Comic Con

A couple of weekends ago we went to the 2nd Annual Comic Con in our country :)  (to see pictures from last year's, click HERE).  There were all kinds of funny characters there :)
When we walked in, we saw our friends there.   Their daughter had the same idea as Aashini :)   Here are our cute blonde Spidergirls :)
Diya wanted to go as Tinkerbell, but wanted to wear Aashini's mask a little bit too :)
There were all kinds of booths there this year.  It was MUCH bigger than last year.  Here is the "John Carter" booth... not sure what I think about this movie...
The Avengers booth was really fun!
Aashini was Wolverine :)  (last year she met wolverine!)
There was a guy there drawing people's faces onto super heroes (for free!) :)
The girls got free coloring comic books and markers and decided to color them on the stage (they were in between sessions)... and the "paparazzi" was surrounding them the entire time they were coloring.
Spidergirl and a local comic book character.
This lady was awesome!  She had this sari hand-printed just for ComicCon!   A Batman Sari!!!  How cool is that????
Look at the back of her Sari Blouse!!!  LOVE it!  haha!
Aashini got to punch out a wall at the Avenger's booth :)  She thought it was awesome :)
Do I look like the Hulk?
Like ComicCon in America, people came to ComicCon here all dressed up (but much more conservative!! and much more clothed :))
Another X-men Character :)
This guy was scary looking!
Aashini with one of the local Cartoon Characters.... Chota Beem.

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Morgan said...

That looks so fun! I LOVE the Batman sari!!

Carie said...

I love spiderbell!! What a fun day! I would have freaked out as a kid with some of those characters! You totally look like the Hulk!