Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vijay's Reception :)

 I posted some pictures on Facebook, but thought I'd do a little post on our friend Vijay's Wedding Reception :)   Vijay and Kitling got married in Hong Kong (Kitling is from there), so they had their reception in our city.  This is the happy couple :)
 Vijay was full of smiles all night :)
 This is Vijay and his brothers and Dad.  This picture cracks me up :)
 Dancing fun!
 Half-way through she changed into "South Asian Wear" :) She looked great!
 Congrats Vijay and Kitling!!

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Carie said...

Beautiful pictures!! What fun!

Bri said...

love weddings!

Emily said...

Oh Andrea, such awesome pics!! I love her dresses!