Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We definitely live in the land of a million and one holidays! Saturday we had a holiday called Lohri. Different people here have varying definitions as to what this holiday is all about, but the basis of it is that every January 13th, everyone builds fires all over town and celebrates that winter is begining to end. They say that after January 13th, the temperature will change and begin to get warmer and warmer from then on. That night people had fires EVERYWHERE! It was funny! About every other house or so on our street had a fire in front of their house or on their driveway. Some people had even hired "mini-bands" to come play at their fire in front of their house. (In the pic above you can see a bass drum and a couple of brass instruments)Our neighborhood association area had a Lohri party. They had a fire and snacks... as well as a stage and seating area! At the begining of the performance, kids came up and did a sort-of talent show. Most of the kids played their electronic keyboards. It was cute! Then they had some "professional musicians" come and play. It was a fun party! I have to say that I LOVE that there are so many holidays here! It makes life exciting! One of my favorite holidays is coming up on Tuesday! - Basant Panchami! (Kite day!!!) Hopefully I'll have some good pics from that! It's definitely going to be different to celebrate it here in the capital than it was in M-town, but it still should be pretty fun! I'll keep you posted!

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