Friday, January 26, 2007

National Pride

Well, believe it or not, today was a holiday here! Today's holiday was a matter of National Pride. It celebrates the country being recognized as their own country... but don't confuse that with Independence Day, we have that too :)
So, today we ventured out with 7 other people (a big group of 9 white people) to see the parade. We really wanted to see the parade, but in most areas of the parade, you couldn't bring cameras inside... but in one end of the parade (in an area where you only get to see half of the parade - which we later learned) - we were able to bring our cameras in. We had to watch the parade through a fence most of the time, but still cool! They started off by showing off the military groups from the different states here. They all had really interesting uniforms - especially the hats! Way cool!!
This military group (below) is from one of the states way up North of us that actually gets snow! It was awesome that part of their uniform included skis on their backs!! How cool is that!! They even had these crazy-cool ski goggles (but you can't really see them in this pic)
OK, so the camels were my favorite! There were TONS of them!! They ROCKED!! Some of the camels looked like they were wearing body armor on their necks! They were representing a state south of us that has a lot of deserts!
Following the military men on camels, was their band - ALSO ON CAMELS!! OK, all of you who were in marching band growing up... picture yourself playing your instrument... while riding on a camel - how cool is that!! You can see the sousaphones and tubas in the pic below:
In this pic you can see the bass drum and the clarinets! Can you imagine being a camel and having a bass drum being beat by your head for an entire parade! hahaha!
And last, but definitely not least! - you can't have a parade without some South Asian Mimes! These guys cracked me up!!

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Liz said...

Crazy. So, I'm on my friend Deanna's blog and see a comment you made. I'm thinkin' NO WAY...that is not some of my fav FSU folks who made their way to NOLA. But it is! How fun to see your pictures and hear about your life!